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The Scottsdale

The Scottsdale fiberglass pool is a fiberglass swimming pool designed with modern, rectangle layout. For starters, the Scottsdale includes a rectangular pool shape with a jutting edge for entry steps. It also includes a long bench for comfortable seating & a flat bottom layout.

With a maximum depth of only 3′ 10″, the Scottsdale is both safe and friendly for entry level swimmers. You’ll feel right at home in the basin of the Scottsdale and enjoy its comfortable depth for relaxing and conversing.

This fiberglass pool is designed for casual lap swimming, entertaining and physical therapy. It provides the perfect amount of space for 4-6 swimmers! You’ll enjoy the intimate setting the Scottsdale creates with just the right surface area to give you space – while not being too big for conversation.

The Pool Specs

  • WIDTH: 12′ 8″ O.D. (10′ 5.5″ I.D.)
  • LENGTH: 19′ 6″ O.D. (18′ 4.5″ I.D.)
  • DEPTH: 3′ 10″


Corner Entry Steps with Long Bench Seating

We love the corner entry steps that we’ve tucked away inside of the Scottsdale fiberglass swimming pool! These steps are both modern and out of the way of swimmers. Designed to be minimally invasive, these steps do not impede your swim space and make the basin feel larger from an open floor plan.

Secondly, San Juan Pools created a long adjacent bench seating for guest to relax and converse. This bench seating from between both sets of shallow end steps! Now you can turn on your outdoor projector, plug in a movie and watch from the comfort of your Scottsdale bench seating!

Flat Bottom, Rectangle Layout with Maximum Depth of 3′ 10″

Just how comfortable is the Scottsdale? For starters, the flat bottom layout makes traversing across the basin very comfortable for swimmers of all levels! The Scottsdale has a maximum depth of only 3′ 10″. This is a comfortable depth for entry level swimmers or those with physical therapy needs.

If you need a fiberglass pool for easy workouts and physical therapy – the Scottsdale is the perfect candidate! In addition, the bench seating provides a nice area to rest between laps and gives the user an added sense of comfort inside the Scottsdale!

The Features

In conclusion, the Scottsdale is a modern fiberglass swimming pool designed for relaxation and comfort. Your guests will enjoy the smooth 3′ 10″ depth and comfortable space it provides 4-6 swimmers.

Due to it’s rectangle layout, the Scottsdale can be utilized for basic water workouts such as lap swimming or water aerobics. You’ll enjoy the roomy feel of the Scottsdale and appreciate how we’ve hidden the steps with minimal penetration into the swimming basin.

This fiberglass pool is truly designed with the user in mind and we’ve received stellar reviews from clients who’ve selected it for their homes! We know that you’ll love the Scottsdale just as much as we do! In fact, if you’d like to receive more information – just click our Contact Form! We are here to help you with your next swimming pool purchase!

Additional information

Weight 1200 lbs

3' Deep

Hopper Type

Flat Bottom


15' – 20' Long

Product Type

Fiberglass Pool


Rectangle Shape

Special Features

Corner Entry Steps

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