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The Savannah Deep

Grab your snorkel mask and dive fins, the Savannah Deep is a deep end swimming pool with a huge amount of space! Trust us, this fiberglass pool is as beautiful as it is playful. Don’t be fooled by the serene image shown above. This swimming pool quickly gives way from its shallow end section to provide a deep end playground for swimmers.

The Pool Specs

  • WIDTH: 14′ O.D. (13′ 2″ I.D.)
  • LENGTH: 32′ 6″ O.D. (31′ 8.125″ I.D.)
  • DEPTH: 8′ 2″
  • VOLUME: 14,000 GALLONS


Deep End Swim Out Bench

If you find yourself in need of a rest, the Savannah Deep offers a convenient deep end swim out bench. This seated section is located along the opposite wall of the shallow end steps. It’s a great space for swimmers to catch their breath and prepare for the next round of deep end diving.

Aside from a rest area, the deep end bench is also a great space for parents to provide swim lessons for developing swimmers. It also operates as another means of entering and exiting the pool, hereby enhancing its safety.

It Gets Deep Quick

Don’t been fooled by its calm waters. This swimming pool is designed to transition from its shallow waters to its 8′ 2″ deep end very quickly. After taking your first few steps into the shallow end, it’s time to dive into open waters.

By design, we’ve compacted the Savannah Deep into a 31′ 8.125″ length. Therefore, it offers an excellent space for aerobic lap swimming. It also means that your swimmers can return to the shallow end for relaxation and conversing with friends and family.

Curved Shallow End Steps

Entering from the shallow end, you’re sure to note the curved shallow end steps & bench. This is a great space for mingling with friends, relaxing and basking in the sun or entering / exiting the Savannah Deep. It’s also another great area for swim lessons for parents who are DIY personalities.

The Features of The Savannah Deep

In conclusion, the Savannah Deep is a sophisticated rectangular pool with a huge 8′ 2″ deep end. This fiberglass pool quickly gives way from its shallow waters to a deep basin due to its 31′ 8.125″ design. You’ll love the traditional layout of the Savannah Deep including its standard hopper and convenient bench seating. This pool is recommended for advanced swimmers and provides ample space for aerobic activity and deep end games. You’re sure to love the Savannah Deep and will enjoy this beautiful pool shape for many years to come!

Additional information

Weight 2000 lbs

8' Deep

Hopper Type

Standard Hopper


30' – 35' Long

Product Type

Fiberglass Pool


Grecian Shape

Special Features

Deep End, Swim Out Bench

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