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The Desert Falls

The Desert Falls is a wild, free form fiberglass swimming pool developed by San Juan Pools to closely resemble its sister pool: The Desert Springs. Similar to its sister model, the Desert Falls provides the swimmer with sweeping walls and a basic interior pool design. Aside from the similarity of the two models, they are quite different from one another.

For starters, the Desert Falls provides only one tanning ledge (while the Desert Springs includes three). Although this leaves less room for water features or lounging, it opens up the swim space for your guests to play and cool off. Secondly, the Desert Falls does not include an attached spa. We made this adjustment for the same reason: to maximize the swim space in this fiberglass swimming pool.

The Pool Specs

  • WIDTH: 14′ O.D. (12′ 11″ I.D.)
  • LENGTH: 30′ O.D. (28′ 9.75″ I.D.)
  • DEPTH: 6′ 1.25″


The Similarities: The Desert Falls versus Desert Springs

The key similarity between these two models, however, is their outward appearance. When looking from above, the two have almost identical footprints with the same depth, surface area and water volume. Therefore, you only question to ask yourself is: what pool provides you with the features you are looking for?

Attached Tanning Ledge With Multiple Uses

The tanning ledge of the Desert Falls is worth noting. This is a wide ledge that provides you with a great space to rest a Ledge Lounger (pool furniture) or install a brilliant water feature. Either way you utilize this space, a tanning ledge is a great option to extend your relaxation space outdoors. Tanning ledges enhance the overall beauty of your fiberglass swimming pool and can create stunning nighttime shows if paired with LED lighting!

6′ 1.25″ Deep End with Bench Seating

As stated above, the Desert Falls has the same exact deep end depth of 6′ 1.25″ as its Desert Springs sister. We’ve also included a comfortable swim out bench that is embedded in the curve of the deep end wall. This bench seating is a small space that can hold one swimmer and provide a location to rest between swim sessions.

The Features

In conclusion, the Desert Falls is a very popular pool model that provides the user with lots of versatility due to its free form design. It has an overall length of 28′ 9.75″ and a maximum depth of 6′ 1.25″. This pool is very popular for homes that have a moderate amount of space in their backyards. Requiring a total surface area of 295 SQFT and a total water volume of 6,800 gallons – we classify this pool as part of our Medium Sized fiberglass pool category.

Lastly, the Desert Falls utilizes as Standard Hopper which means it slopes gradually from shallow to deep end. We’ve included some comfortable seating opportunities: from the tanning ledge and deep end swim out bench. It’s a spacious pool because we’ve decreased the number of tanning ledges (only 1) and removed the spa – compared to the Desert Springs model. You’re sure to love the Desert Falls for all that it has to offer!

Additional information

Weight 1600 lbs

6' Deep

Hopper Type

Standard Hopper


25' – 30' Long

Product Type

Fiberglass Pool


Free Form Shape

Special Features

Swim Out Bench, Tanning Ledge

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