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The Cyberlane (With Spa)

Welcome to our Cyberlane fiberglass swimming pool with attached spa! This beautiful pool shape is the sister of our very popular, Cyberlane (no spa) model. As you might have guessed, it’s the exact same design as the previously mentioned model but it includes an attached spa.

Based on our very popular rectangle layout, the Cyberlane provides many of our most popular features. From its flat bottom layout, to corner entry steps, petite size and attache spa – this pool has a lot to offer in a compact frame.

The Pool Specs

  • WIDTH: 8″ 6″ O.D. (7′ 6″ I.D.)
  • LENGTH: 23′ O.D. (22′ I.D.)
  • DEPTH: 4′ 9″


Flat Bottom Layout & Small Design

Just how small is the Cyberlane? Well, believe it or not – both the pool and spa only require a total water volume of 4,240 gallons. Therefore, this pool is an excellent choice for home owners with small, urban backyards. In fact, we’ve seen a high amount of demand for our San Juan fiberglass pools and spas from home owners in urban landscapes.

One of the primary reasons for this trend is ease of installation. Many of our builders utilize cranes to lift our pools right over your home and into your backyard. Therefore, if you have a small with limited yard space, a fiberglass pool may be a very reasonable option to consider!

That being said, the Cyberlane also provides a beautiful flat bottom design. This makes the Cyberlane an excellent choice for home owners who utilize their pools for water therapy or water aerobic training. Flat bottom layouts are very comfortable for the user and help with sore backs and ease of movement.

Corner Entry Steps & Bench Seating

In addition to its petite size and flat bottom layout, the Cyberlane includes some compact bench seating & entry steps. We’ve placed both the bench seating and shallow end steps in both corners that are adjacent to the attached spa. This is an excellent space for entry and exit and can also be utilized for a comfortable seating area to converse with friends and guests.

The Features of The Cyberlane

In conclusion, the Cyberlane is a beautiful fiberglass swimming pool. It provides a gorgeous rectangle layout and an attached spa. This pool model is very popular for many of our urban clients with small backyards.

This fiberglass pool has a maximum length of 22′ and a maximum depth of only 4′ 9″. The Cyberlane is popular because of its flat bottom layout that is common for many clients who utilize it for water therapy and aerobic training.

We recommend this swimming pool to anyone who wants to enjoy a well-rounded fiberglass pool with a compact frame. You’re sure to love the Cyberlane because of its versatility and ability and to deliver so much value to your outdoor living space!

Additional information

Weight 1000 lbs

4' Deep

Hopper Type

Flat Bottom


20' – 25' Long

Product Type

Pool & Spa Combo


Rectangle Shape

Special Features

Attached Spa, Swim Lane

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